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When you’re about to go vacationing, you want to leave your car behind. The holiday is a time for relaxing and enjoyment. We at Techxi got you covered. When you need holiday taxis or an airport taxi, you can rely on us.  

We offer competitive prices for luxury cabs. Just search for Tecxhi taxi cabs near me and see what we have nearby. Our drivers are DBS certified and are entirely reliable. Use our taxi app or book a taxi online through our page


Need a Holiday Taxi? Think Techxi!

Ordering holiday taxis couldn’t be easier with Techxi. We pride ourselves on offering a premium holiday taxi service, at a cheap rate – in fact, we won’t be beaten on price with like for like jobs, with our price match guarantee. 

Our knowledgeable, professional Techxi taxi drivers will look after you; you’re in safe hands. Our drivers know the streets going to your location. Our local expertise allows us to get you to your destination, on time – and how to avoid those annoying traffic jams. 

Getting Holiday Taxis, just a tap away.

  • You can order and track your holiday taxi with a click of a button within 10 seconds - using our free taxi app service, so you can follow your taxi hire straight to your door. 
  • All our drivers are DBS checked and go through training to ensure they abide by the equality and diversity policy and follow our own high code of conduct. 
  • You can be confident we’ll get you where you need to be, and always at a fair price.  Our price match service ensures you can travel with the comfort of knowing the price will always be honest. We know these airports, and we know how important being reliable and professional is to our customers. Trust Techxi, you can rely on us! 

We have a wide range of cars and vehicles available for getting you to and from any of the local airports including:

  • Standard and Executive cars including Estates 
  • 6 &7 Seater MPVs 
  • Wheelchair accessible Vehicles (WAVs) 
  • 8-Seater minibuses  

Techxi supply corporate accounts to organisations and businesses across the South West and the rest of the UK. 

Techxi is a tech taxi company

We understand that some of our passengers feel more comfortable when they book a taxi online instead of calling the phone. That’s why we made our specialized Techxi taxi app that makes the taxi near me search obsolete.  

The app knows where you are and shows the results instantly. Even if you’re not sure where you are at the moment, the app will solve the problem. Whether you’re looking for a taxi in Bristol, Cardiff, or you’re lost in Westonbirt, this taxi app will help you. 

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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Going on a Holiday

The last 2020 was one of the most incredible years in the history of mankind. The Covid-19 pandemic made everything different. Our lives changed from the core.   

We need to continue with our lives this 2021. After such a tough year behind us, everyone deserves to go on holiday. If you choose travelling, consider these five things before leaving your home and locking the door.  

See travelling rules and conditions during Covid-19 

The UK lockdown is expected to end in March. England’s lockdown is about to end on 31 March which is the longest one at the moment. This is supposed to give us a much safer future considering the development of the vaccine deployment.  

With this in mind, you must understand if you’re allowed to go on holiday. If you’re about to travel abroad, you need to research the country’s rules. They are all different. In the UK, every person must provide a negative test, not older than three days. It’s similar everywhere you go.   

Leave your car at home 

Going on a holiday means you need to relax. Going to a bar and driving back to your hotel is not an option. That’s why you have the Techxi taxi app. If you’re going abroad, be sure that there’s a taxi service there too.  

Going on a holiday with a car will only make you more tired than relaxed. If you’re going to the airport, we have enough cabs near you, and when you’re going home from the airport, be sure that we keep your back. There’s nothing to worry about.  

Read the local pandemic recommendations 

When travelling abroad, you must be aware of the local pandemic recommendations. Lots of UK citizens enjoy holidays on Greek islands. To go there, you need a negative PCR test made in the last 72 hours. Going to other countries require nothing.   

You must know this information. Also, this changes daily, so you need to do the proper research before going somewhere.  

Pack enough safety equipment 

It’s the new normal, right? We all need to adjust. Along with the swimming suits, you now must pack enough clean face masks. Don’t forget to get the antibacterial solutions too. The recommendations say that you should be washing your hands as often as possible, so this is a must.  

Research on pandemic hotspots 

Before going anywhere, research about the frequency of people being there. If you stay in a hotel that has a spa included, you need to know how many people are allowed inside. You don’t want to share a sauna with five other people. Avoid these kinds of places.  

Book a trip to a place that’s safe. Avoid places that are crowded. Research what is best for you, stay safe and enjoy your well-deserved holiday in 2021. 

Holiday Taxi Commonly Asked Questions:

How much for a taxi to my vacation destination?

Any destination is negotiable. Whether it’s an airport taxi or going to a specific location, we’re getting you there in comfort and on time, at a great price. 

How to find holiday taxis near me?

Use our taxi app that you can download from the web. It’s available for both Android and Apple. You can book a taxi online through our taxi booking page. 

What’s better, travelling with my car or get a holiday taxi?

Everyone has their preferences. Travelling with holiday taxis is more convenient, though. If you want to be relaxed and enjoy your time off, then you should book a taxi online and worry about nothing.  

Other FAQ’s…

Will Techxi drivers wear PPI?

All Techxi drivers have had training in hygienic, safe systems of work and will wear a mask for the duration of your journey. 

How often are Techxi cars cleaned?

Our cars are deep cleaned every night and washed regularly throughout the day, with special care being given to all regular touch points in and outside the cars. 

Can I pay by Card?

You can pay by card, and you can set up a business account with us. 

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